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  • World Inline Cup // Geisingen - Germany

    World Inline Cup // Geisingen - Germany

  • Jecheon - South Korea (2020)

    Jecheon - South Korea (2020)

  • Ascoli Piceno - Italy (2012)

    Ascoli Piceno - Italy (2012)

  • Seoul - South Korea (2019)

    Seoul - South Korea (2019)

  • Canelas - Portugal (2020)

    Canelas - Portugal (2020)

  • Changwon - South Korea (2020)

    Changwon - South Korea (2020)

  • Saint Pierre Les Elbeuf - France (2020)

    Saint Pierre Les Elbeuf - France (2020)

  • Yangpyeong - South Korea (2018)

    Yangpyeong - South Korea (2018)

  • Pohang - South Korea (2017)

    Pohang - South Korea (2017)

durflex® 101 sp roller professional

The durflex® 101 sp roller professional cycle/system, conceived, designed, developed, and manufactured by Vesmaco, was presented for the first time at the 2004 World Championships in L'Aquila, collecting enormous success among the athletes of over 40 participating nations.

The success of what would later be called Vesmaco Track, which gave way to a new era for the competitive practice of speed skating, was decreed by the excellent adherence and high smoothness, perceived and effective, fundamental characteristics that allow athletes to compete in absolute safety, thus allowing to improve one's technique, one's individually established times, as well as, very frequently, the breaking of world records: in fact, the skaters are able to express themselves to the maximum of their abilities.

After three years of observation and constant checks on the Vesmaco flooring, the Federal Technicians in charge of surface control found, also receiving confirmation from the athletes, that the initial grip and smoothness characteristics were unchanged over time. As essential elements for competitive and safety purposes, WORLD SKATE has legitimately approved the durflex® 101 sp roller professional cycle/system, recommending its use in the construction of new facilities and ine transformation of the existing ones, for the redevelopment of skating surfaces at every competitive level and to standardize its functional characteristics all over the world.

The durflex® 101 sp roller professional surface, homologated CLASS 1 WORLD SKATE, also passed the practicability test on wet surfaces and pouring rain in 2008.



  WORLD RECORD made onto durflex 101 sp roller professional


One Hour Record Men Felix Rijhnen Germany 39,932 km - Geisingen, 06/07/2020
One Hour Record Women Mareike Thum Germany 34,336 km - Geisingen, 06/07/2020
200mts DUAL TT Men
 Steven Villegas Ceballos Colombia 17,231 Ibagué, 06/11/2021
200mts DUAL TT Women
 Geiny Pajaro Colombia 18,531 Ibagué, 07/11/2021
300mts Men Andreas Jimenez Colombia 23,415 - Kaoshiung, 15/11/2015
300mts Women Shin Soyeong Korea 25,702 - Kaoshiung, 15/11/2015
500mts Men
 Edwin Estrada Colombia 39,931 - Kaoshiung, 17/11/2015
500mts Women Hellen Montoya Colombia 43,247 - Kaoshiung, 17/11/2015
1.000mts Men Pedro Armando Causil Rojas Colombia 1:18,887 Ibagué, 08/11/2021
1.000mts Women 
Yang Ho-Chen Chinese Taipei 1:26.172 - Ibagué, 09/11/2021
10.000mts Men
 Jason Suttels Belgium 14:18,389 - Ibagué, 07/11/2021
10.000mts Women
 Fabriana Arias Colombia 15:25,722 - Ibagué, 07/11/2021
15.000mts Men Peter Michael New Zeland 22:02,458 - Oostende, 08/25/2013

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durflex® 200 sp roller professional

Cycle/system for sports flooring designed for activities such as hockey, speed skating and multisport. Suitable for facilities that do not require the World Skate homologation.



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durflex® roller basic

A system composed of synthetic resins with chemical/physical characteristics to make it particularly suited to the practice of all roller disciplines (speed, artistic, roller hockey), particularly suitable for skating surfaces that are used for rolling events/training.

Flooring with an adequate degree of adhesion and smoothness for the use in complete safety, even with wheelchairs.
Remarkable resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.
Maintenance-free, it can also be used on a wet surface.

The durflex® roller basic is a Vesmaco product that ensures the quality of the roller-skating tracks in compliance with all standards.

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durflex® 100 sp roller professional

Cycle/system for the conversion slippery concrete skating floorings, with high falling risk, to synthetic resinous surfaces with a high smoothness degree and security standards. The new features have been proved by tests on San Benedetto del Tronto rink (AP) - Italy

Homologated by:
WORLD SKATE (Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports)
CERS (Confédération Européenne de Roller-Skating)
FIHP (Federazione Italiana Hockey e Pattinaggio)


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