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Multisport areas

  • Legnago, Italia (2023)

    Legnago, Italia (2023)

  • Altidona - Italy (2003)

    Altidona - Italy (2003)

  • Bovisio Masciago - Italy (2020)

    Bovisio Masciago - Italy (2020)

  • Osimo - Italy (2020)

    Osimo - Italy (2020)

  • Parma - Italy (2010)

    Parma - Italy (2010)

  • Corbetta - Italy (2020)

    Corbetta - Italy (2020)

  • Rapallo - Italy (2007)

    Rapallo - Italy (2007)

  • Monsano - Italy (2011)

    Monsano - Italy (2011)

Vesmaco is the first producer in Italy of synthetic/resinous coatings for the qualified practice of tennis and multisport. durflex® is the commercial name of these floors, in the variants of durflex® 200 sp and durflex® 200 sp cushion / supercushion, FIT approved already back in 1989. The original formula from the 70s.

durflex® 200 sp

Thickness colored synthetic/resinous water-based coating for the construction of sports floors characterized by good elasticity, excellent resistance to UV rays, atmospheric agents and a high degree of adhesion, even on wet surfaces.

Specially designed for the covering of tennis and multipurpose courts outdoor and indoor onto a base in bituminous conglomerate. Maintenance-free flooring.



durflex®200 sp cushion and supercushion

System for the construction of outdoor/indoor tennis and multipurpose courts.

It offers considerable comfort of use thanks to the use of an elastic intermediate layer (durflex® cushion), composed of rubber granules of standard grain size, bonded with highly binding resins. In turn, durflex® supercushion offers greater comfort of use thanks to the use of a double elastic intermediate layer (durflex® cushion), composed of sbr granules.

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