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Industrial cement

tenflex® poliacril

Bi-component acrylic resins effective in protecting concrete artifacts, both prefabricated and cast on-site (civil plaster, pylons, viaducts, etc.), and also suitable in construction, both industrial and residential.

The cycle/system is particularly suitable for the protection of concrete elements from atmospheric agents, chemicals, and salt.
It is indicated every time you want to consolidate and preserve the structure of the support, also giving a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

poliacril® uno 

Neutral colored product specific for the anti-dust / anti-oil consolidating treatment of industrial concrete floors, it guarantees protection even in the event of vehicular traffic.

ciclo tenflex®  poliacril

Composed of two phases, the treatment is specific for concrete floors where it is expected high vehicular traffic even for heavy vehicles, with an anti-oil / dustproof consolidating effect whose colored finish gives a pleasant aesthetic appearance, also for the differentiation of various areas (corridors, storage/parking areas) and facilitating even mechanical cleaning.

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