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  • Vastseliina - Estonia (2019)

    Vastseliina - Estonia (2019)

  • L'Aquila - Italy (2014)

    L'Aquila - Italy (2014)

  • Vastseliina - Estonia (2019)

    Vastseliina - Estonia (2019)

durflex® 101 sp roller professional

Flooring suitable for the practice of outdoor / indoor rink hockey at a high competitive level that offers excellent grip - perceived and effective - and a high degree of smoothness.

The special surface, characterized by a high absorption coefficient, determines a significant reduction in physical effort, resulting in performance comfort and low traumatic level of impact.

durflex® 200 sp roller professional

Resinous cycle/system for the creation of floors suitable for the practice - including competitive ones - of outdoor/indoor rink hockey.

Support base in bituminous conglomerate or concrete (after treating the base with a suitable primer). High degree of adherence, perceived and effective, for safe use of the surface.

durflex® roller basic

System based on synthetic resins with chemical/physical characteristics such as to make it suited to the practice of rink hockey and particularly suitable for skating surfaces that are used for rolling / training events.

Flooring with an adequate degree of adhesion and smoothness for use in complete safety.

durflex® roller basic is the Vesmaco product that ensures the quality of hockey rinks in compliance with all standards.

durflex® 100 sp roller professional

Cycle/system suitable both for the transformation of indoor/outdoor flooring from slippery concrete with a high risk of falling to synthetic/resinous surfaces with high adhesion and a high degree of smoothness and for removable indoor MDF flooring.

The durflex® 100 sp roller professional system, applied both on concrete and on removable MDF tracks, is particularly suited for the practice of rink hockey.

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