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Asphalt surfaces

Tenflex® civic sanitized is a Vesmaco’s synthetic coating designed to make bituminous conglomerate (asphalt) surfaces hygienic. Tenflex® civic sanitized creates colored floors (walkable / drive-over) repellent against attack by microorganisms and therefore easy to sanitize.

Waterproof coating characterized by an excellent resistance to wear and vehicle traffic also the heavy one.

The specials broad-spectrum bacteriostatic additives avoid the attack and the establishment of microorganisms, ensuring effective long-term hygiene / long health protection. By saturating the classic asphalt cavities, it avoids the nesting of dirt. Remarkable resistance to atmospheric agents, insensitive to fuels and lubricants and to temperature excursions.

Tenflex® civic sanitized is suitable for coating areas in bituminous conglomerate, external and internal, where hygienic and easy to clean surfaces are required in compliance with current laws.

• Hospitals and nursing homes

• School facilities

• Commercial and industrial activities

• Food and agro-food industries

• Chemical and pharmaceutical companies

• Fish farms and markets

• Storage areas for perishable products

• Water purification plants

ANAS certified system (resistant to fuels and lubricants, Antiskid - UNI EN 143698 standard) and ISTITUTO GIORDANO (resistant to abrasion and freeze/thaw cycles).


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